Video: Fashion Freakout 3 recap

Last night's Fashion Freakout was amazing. This is the third year they've had the event, but this was the first time I was able to make it. The clothes were crazy fun, and as I stood there watching the show, - I kid you not- I got a little teary eyed thinking about how much I love Austin. Truly, I live in a wonderfully creative, eclectic town, and I'm so thankful that Austin is a city where stuff like this happens. Unfortunately, all but three (of my 245) photos were a bust. Most of mine are terribly blurry and/ or are shots up people's noses. I got there bananas early and stood at the very end of the runway.
I got a good look at the clothes, but sadly, I was not able to document it well from what I thought was a primo posish. I gave up on taking photos after the first act, and I tried to film the second act since my video camera is slightly better equipped to handle low light and movement. All apologies, though. Due to the blurriness and getting bumped a couple times I had to cut out a couple of the models. Also, I'm sorry for all the up nose shots! I hope you can still see that it was a wonderful, fun, vibrant show (watch for my dream dress at the end of the New Bohemia set. It's white and made of tulle). If you have eight minutes and 55 seconds to spare, check it out. If you missed it and/ or don't live here, feel free to live vicariously:

EDIT: 8 February 2010- This is actually version two of the video, as the producer had emailed me late Saturday night to kindly ask me to re-edit the footage using songs from the show to preserve the show's "aesthetic" and to "present it in it's truest original form". Huge thanks to him for taking time out this weekend to send me MP3's from the show. It was my pleasure to do the re-edit, and big apologies for having the video go AWOL all day Sunday. Thanks for your patience, dear readers!

One of my most favorite moments was during the first act when I freaked out because one of the New Brohemia models opened his jacket to reveal MY FAVORITE T-SHIRT.
Oh, I flipped out! THIS T-SHIRT IS FROM 1987! See how excited I am? Twenty four hours later, and I'M STILL USING ALL CAPS! What are the chances that two people in the same town have the same shirt from 1987?!

I got to meet a ton of really nice folks last night. I had dinner at Koriente with Michelle from Wicked Whimsy and Amanda from Disheveled Stars (happy birthday, friend!). I caught up with Austin's hardest working events photographer, Austin 360's David Weaver, and I chatted briefly with the effervescent Tolly of Austin Eavesdropper. Tiffany of Austin is Burning worked the runway like a pro. Between acts I met Anna from News 8 (thanks for the shout-out, girl! ...On a side note if you go read Anna's recount of the Rock 'n Swap, you might recognize one of the women in her story... just sayin'!). The cherry on top of my amazing night was that after the show I met one of my most adorable local readers, ever! Her name is Gretchen, and she and her darling friend Stefant should have been strutting their fine selves on the runway. I snapped a street style photo of them and was pleasantly surprised that despite the low light and posing them outside the restroom, it turned out great. It totally helps that they're both freaking adorable, though:
Stefant, Textiles and Apparel Design major, UT:

leather jacket- Charles & 1/2 (UO), tank: American Apparel, pants: thrifted (Buffalo Exchange), Boots- Guess?, Jewelry- Guess?, Diesel, Aldo.
Gretchen, Fashion Merchandising major, UT:
leopard coat- F21, top- UO, leggings- Express, boots- vintage (Blue Velvet).

Wow. This was a really long post! I'm proud of you if you stuck it out this far! If you were unable to make the show, get ready for next year. Fashion Freakout Four has such a nice ring to it!

Amazing job, Buffalo Exchange, New Bohemia, Prototype Vintage, and everyone else who made this show happen. Keep on keepin' Austin awesome! I'll try not to cry like a lamewad next year.

For more photos, please see David Weaver's A-list set on Austin 360.