Eye can change

This gloomy weather is determined to get me down, but I shall prevail! I forgot to snap an outfit photo from Friday's Fashion Freakout, so I put on my entire outfit again today, redid my hair and make-up in an identical manor, and used my new remote to snap my dailies. This dress is my standard cool-weather dress-up dress, as the material is rather bulky and the sleeves provide great coverage:

date: 5 February 2010
occasion: attended Fashion Freakout 3
dress: BB Dakota
$5 1970's fur: Texas Thrift (mint condition)
silver clutch: Savers
brown bag (for cameras): thrifted, Favorite Things (Atlanta)
tights: Target
necklace: courtesy of ClydesRebirth.com

I wore colored contacts on Friday, too! I used to wear all the weirdo colors in high school (confession: I even got my senior portraits done while wearing violet lenses. What was I thinking?!), but now I just stick to hazel and grey. I usually only wear them when I'm auditioning and I think my character would have different colored eyes than regular, ole' brown like I have, but every once in a while, I wear my colored contacts to mix things up a bit out in public or I have to wear them when I run out of clear lenses. This is Freshlook's Pure Hazel for dark eyes:
As soon as I find my old senior pictures, I'll scan them so you can laugh at how alien I look with PURPLE eyes! I'll be in Indiana in March, and I think they may be in storage at my uncle's house. I hope you can hold your laughter until then.

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