I bought two petticoats today. Sounds like something I would do, right?

I am a creature of habit. Every time I have to go up to Dallas for an audition, I have specific places I stop. On my way up, I drive for one hour, then I scoop through the drive-thru at a specif Chick-Fil-A in Temple, Texas. Then I drive another hour and stop at a specific gas station (to use the bathroom) in Italy, Texas. On my way back, I've made it a point to stop at Style Station, the hidden gem in the middle of no-where Texas that I discovered back in October. Today was no exception.
I went in to buy some things for Hubs, but got way sidetracked and ended up buying myself two petticoats. No doubt I'm still feeling inspired by Fashion Freakout. Or Miley Cyrus' little sister. Whichever.
Me: I'm trying to think of a practical way to wear my petticoats!
Hubs: I don't think that exists. That yellow one is so big you won't be able to fit through a door.

Probably, Husband. Probably! Nonetheless, I'm excited about these, and I'll try to come up with some way to wear them. But not tomorrow. Tomorrow it's supposed to be 34ยบ. Pretty sure I'm going to be dressed like this all day tomorrow:
Don't judge me. Truth? I'd be decked out in a leopard Snuggie if I had one.

By the way, in April (after all the SXSW stuff has calmed down), I am planning to take a van full of readers up to Style Station to check it out together. It's about two hours away, and I figure we can make a little day trip out of it. The owners even said they'll make us homemade hummus! They did mention that we'll have to stop in Waco to use the bathroom, though, as they only have an outhouse. Awesome!

Comment of the Day: Oh, pshh. I say you wear those petticoats as a skirt. Hell, layer them together enter through the garage door. -Little Ocean Annie