It's hip to be square (dancing).

I don't usually like to buy things unless I can instantly know what to pair them with when I get home. The petticoats I got last week at Style Station were, admittedly, an impulse buy, but they were too fun not to get. I really wanted a way to wear them without looking too costumey. Black tights and a grey cardigan keep it out of clown territory, I think:

</center date: 15 February 2010
occasion: thrifting outting, starting City Seminary tonight
petticoat (as skirt): vintage (Style Station)
cardigan: American Apparel
t-shirt: INC
belt: thrifted (Savers)
tights: Target
ballet flats: Payless
alligator bracelet: Fashionique

Rebecca, the Style Station owner, told me that this petticoat used to be a part of a square dance costume. Because of this, I'm half tempted to throw on my tap shoes and wear this gettup to class tonight!