Victoria's Secret: loading down mail carriers week after week

Dear mass mailer panty pushers,
Did you know that there have been less than seven weeks this calendar year? That being true, can you please explain to me why I have received no fewer than ten Victoria's Secret catalogs this year? I threw the first few away, but then I decided to keep track of how many I received for exactly one month.

Six. SIX! The secret it out, Victoria. It is clear that you hate trees and love mass mailings. I haven't even bought anything since my Great Boot Disappointments of 2009 (which I subsequently and promptly returned). I've already requested to stop receiving your insane amount of catalogs once, but yet they still come at the rate of 1.5 every week. I'm sure this may delight my love starved mailman, but I, for one, am getting quite perturbed.

Most sincerely,
Indiana Adams

Comment of the Day: My hubs hates VS for this very reason! Apparently, mass mailings are all it takes for my husband to no longer be interested in lingerie... he won't even look at the catalogs because he's so annoyed. -Catherine