Loving Linus

I know most of you know that my "day job" isn't really a day job at all. I act for a living, and I've been doing that for most of my life (since the second grade!). Lately, though, I've been thinking more and more about making a go of it as a writer. My first screenplay out of college won the Reel Women annual screenplay contest, and my first television script got me to the semi-finals round of NBC's Writers on the Verge program this year.

Two years ago, I wrote a short script called "Loving Linus" about a young woman who finds herself becoming the infamous "crazy cat lady". It starts with her getting one cat, but then it slowly starts to spiral into crazy cat lady territory. She gets some cat decor and starts wearing cat themed clothing. When she goes to adopt a new cat, her only friend and her mother stage an intervention and attempt to set her up on a series of blind dates. It's a comedy, and I hope to direct, star, and edit it this summer. Before I begin official pre-production, I want to start collecting costume and set pieces. I've started with this fabulous sweater I picked up at an estate sale recently and a gorgeous, hand made, sterling silver cat necklace given to me by the incredibly gracious and wonderful Pam and Mark of Mark Defrates jewelry:

date: 16 February 2010
occasion: cookie baking, script writing, and city group
sweater: estate sale
striped t-shirt: GAP
skirt: Old Navy
tights: Target
boots: vintage (Style Station)
bag: estate sale
heels: JC Pennys
necklace: Mark Defrates

I invested some of the money from the last play I did to buy a wide angle lens for my camera and a shot gun mic. I just need to raise a little bit of funding to secure a lighting kit, craft services, upgraded editing software, and to cover DVD printing and duplication costs. If you are interested in helping out with "Loving Linus" let me know! If you'd like to give me funny cat clothes, art, or decor to be used, please email me for my mailing address. If you're local to Austin and you'd like to help out on set or by contributing music, I'd love to let you know how I can partner with you. If you're simply interested in helping with the fund raising process, you can donate to the "Loving Linus" film fund here:
I'm trying to raise $2500, and every little bit helps. Anyone donating $20 or more will be given special thanks in the credits. Anyone giving more than $30 will be given special thanks and a DVD copy of the final project. If you donate $100 or more I will probably pee myself with gratitude, but after I clean myself up, I'd love to talk to you to see how you can get involved as an executive producer.

I am so incredibly excited about finally making "Loving Linus". Truly, I feel like I'm living the dream by being able to write, direct, and act in my own project. I have high hopes for this little film and hope it will enjoy some success on the festival circuit. Who knows? Maybe it will do well enough to secure a producer for my first feature length project, a comedy about an adorable actuary.

Comment of the Day: Oh, I can't wait to see this! Since college I have joked that I would end up a crazy cat lady with one named for each letter of the alphabet: Azrael, Bertha, Callisto, Daphne ... etc. Best of luck with this exciting project! And you look TOTALLY cute in that sweater! How do you do that?! -SpyGirl1