Wolf Ring vs. Trench Coat: FIGHT!

So remember yesterday when I said I'd have no trouble at all spending the $50 Lulu's gift certificate that I won? Yeah. I was wrong.

Can someone PLEASE tell me that the trench coat is a much better buy than the wolf ring? But c'mon! It's a wolf! I have an affinity for wolves after this audition back in the day. Gah! Plus y'all know I have a weakness for animal jewelry. But, gosh! I have plenty of animal jewelry. I do not have plenty of coats!

Sorry for the lack of posting today. I was running around like crazy today, and then I started feeling a little under the weather, so I'll be going to the doctor tomorrow to see what's up. A wolf ring would probably make me feel better, though. Right? Right? Don't answer that. Someone be the voice of reason! Someone tell me to go for the coat, instead.