Audition outfit: young mom with sick child

Yay! I had a commercial audition in Austin today! But an hour or so before it, I had a giant conundrum in my closet. I haven't done laundry in weeks, and it was just one of those days where I stood there wringing my hands thinking, "I have nothing to wear!" I knew I had to run to Target to grab some ink refills for my printer (why is that stuff so expensive?!) so while there I grabbed this cute skirt:

date: 25 February 2010
occasion: grocery store commercial audition
skirt: Target
shirt: INC
cardigan: thrifted GAP
tights: Target
shoes: Payless

I auditioned for the part of a young mom (suddenly apropos, no?), and the little girl they paired me up with was adorable. She did a really good job. She didn't cry at all, and she took the pretend medicine like a champ! It'd be awesome to book it with her.

You know... I can't wait to have my own kid to start exploiting for money.

Oh, CALM DOWN. I was kidding!

Thanks for all the congratulations yesterday, by the way. I think I have the best readers in the entire world.