Thank you, Vignette Photography

The day before Valentines Day (before I knew I had a bun in my oven), Hubs and I met up with Elizabeth and James Hafner, the power duo behind Vignette Photography, for a quick lifestyle photo session over at The Triangle. I am happy to report that there wasn't a single image of me with a witch's nose. We had such a fun time shooting, and Elizabeth really knows how to make original, creative, dynamic images. She really captured our zany personalities... and managed to make me look like a model!

I think it's so, so important to have good photos of yourself and your loved ones in your house. If there were one thing I wish I had more of, it's good photos of my loved ones. I whole heartily recommend Vignette Photography to help you capture these important images. Thanks so much for the session, Elizabeth and James!

Elizabeth's fashion blog: Save For Later,
Vignette Photo Blog

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