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I first heard of the UK based company Accessorize when they contacted me to see if they could send me a gift that ended up being so generous that I shared most of it with my readers in a giveaway. The giveaway was won by Elizabeth from Save for Later, Jen from Jennifhsieh, and Lauren from This Little Piggy, and each of them raved over their prizes. Accessorize has continued to get their name and brand out here in the United States, and some of their lovely goodies have also been spotted on Tavi and Katy.

I'm pleased to welcome Accessorize as Adored Austin's newest sponsor. They've certainly got me hooked with their animal accessories (typical!):

Their non-animal accessories are pretty stellar, too:

I know some of you may be a little trepidatious about shopping online from a retailer who's abroad, but I do it on the regular, and there is nothing to fear. Soon will have a site menu where you can change their prices to USD, but in the meantime, I simply use this online calculator. For example, the toucan necklace is £9. Using the calculator, that comes out to a super affordable $13.39. They do charge a flat shipping rate of £10 ($14.88), but considering it will arrive within 5-12 days, that's still very awesome if you're ordering multiple items, especially because their prices are so low. I've waited much longer than that for things to arrive from Victoria's Secret shipped from right here in the U.S. with the shipping price close to the same!

If you have a moment, take a look around and check out their stunning spring/ summer lookbook. They're a great company that supports ethical fashion, and I'm so excited to be partnering up with them in the months to come.

[Monsoon Accessorize is an Adored Austin sponsor]