SXSW fashion events

Admittedly, SXSW is usually all about computer stuff, music, and film, but amongst all those types of parties there's a few fashion events going on, too. Did I mention all these events are free?

Today is the Fashism party at Dress Shop. I met Brooke from Fashism at yesterday's New Media brunch and boutique crawl, and she's a riot. The event should be awesome:

The American Apparel Factory Flea Market Sale starts Thursday. I spoke to Ryan, the American Apparel hero who is coordinating this thing, and his eyes got all big when describing the truck loads of stuff they're bringing in for the sale! It's going to be amazing, and I may even try to do a video blog there. RSVP on their Facebook.

Friday is the Buy Definition/ Magnolia Family Vintage party. I know both Esti from Buy Definition and Sarah from Magnolia Family Vintage, and I can promise you that there's going to be some amazing goodies at their shindig. They are easily a couple of the most stylish women in Austin and their inventory is breathtaking:

If there were ever a time to take a trip to Austin (if you're not a local) now is the time to do it!