Review: SXSW American Apparel Factory Flea Market Sale

Yesterday I met up with Michelle from Wicked Whimsy and we attempted to hit up the American Apparel Factory Flea Market sale together right at the noon o'clock opening. Little did I know that it would take me over an hour to fight the traffic and find a parking spot. Still worth it? Heck, yes.

I snagged an evergreen triblend pocket dress ($12), a sheer tank dress ($8), the sheer ribbed tunic ($8), the convertible bandeau dress ($12), and a Where's Waldo inspired Le Sac dress ($12).
The leotard was $5 and the cardigan and hoodie were $10 each.
I ran into my friend Ashley and squealed when I saw her clutching these amazing navy blue, silk, pleated pants. I rushed the racks and was able to snag the only other pair in the entire tent! These are an American Apparel test sample, and sadly, they are way, way too small for me in the hips and waist. I plan to take them to a tailor to see if anything can be done. These were the most expensive thing in the tent, priced at $25. It's a shame they don't fit!
The accessories table was fun. The vintage goodies are mixed in with the new merch. The scarf, necklace, and socks were $2. The fanny pack, vintage bag, and glasses were $4.
The vintage section was a little overwhelming because it was so crowded. It's still worth a gander, though. The t-shirt was $4 and the dresses were $8 (I think).
Some tips if you're planning to take advantage of this sale on it's last day tomorrow:1. Bring a friend to entertain you in line because the wait to get into the tent can be up to 30 minutes at peak shopping times.2. If you can, wear close toed shoes. The racks are close together and your toes may get squished. To make matters worse, it's a little bit muddy. 3. There are no dressing rooms, so wear something that enables you to try things on over or under what you've got on. Yes, try things on! The tagged sizes are of little guidance here. For instance: the leotard I got was a size large, the yellow cardigan was an extra small, and the convertible dress was a size extra large, and all of them fit me perfectly.4. Search absolutely everything for holes, stains, writing, and damage. Double check zippers, hems, and armpits. Be willing to live with tiny defects for the amazing price you're getting.5. If you need help, feel free to ask one of the many floor assistants. They're the incredibly good looking kids in STAFF shirts that they've cut and customized themselves. Every one I talked to was ridiculously sweet. 6. Lastly, if you drop something on the ground, be a dear and pick it up. It is a teeny bit muddy in there, and being courteous makes the shopping experience a lot more enjoyable for everyone!
I want to give an extra special thanks to Ryan at American Apparel. He gave me a skip bracelet that enabled me to bypass the entry line and he picked up my tab for all the things I was planning to purchase! On top of that, he made my dog a special little American Apparel rope toy. He loves it!Both Jimi and I are extremely happy with our new American Apparel goods!