Interview: The Gloss- Growing a Local Fashion Community

If last week's brunch and boutique crawl taught me anything, it's that it's not enough to just take photos of myself in my backyard and then simply write witticisms about my outfit from the comfort of my office. I feel most alive when I get to know the people who stop by Adored Austin, when I'm out and about meeting my readers and other bloggers, and when I'm exploring Austin and falling more in love with this eclectic city. Reading comments, reading emails, and meeting people in person is what makes this blog such a rewarding part of my life. So, thank you for that!

I was interviewed last week by Brooke, the founder of Fashism for an article on The Gloss. In the interview I talk a lot about how I went about helping to create a fashion community in Austin-- a town that is more known for it's BBQ than its fashion. This is the longest, most serious interview I have ever done, but because I was so honest, I think it's still worth the read... especially if you're curious as to who my early inspirations were and how you, too, can use your blog to start to create your own local fashion community.

A big thank you goes out to Brooke for choosing to interview me and The Gloss for featuring Adored Austin! Please surf on over and read the whole interview here.