Couturious: it's like Fashion Plates, but way better.

Did any of you have Fashion Plates when you were kids?

As a child of the 80's I had the Barbie Fashion Plates, and I absolutely loved mixing and matching all the tops and bottoms to create new outfits. Many a childhood evening was spent styling and several reams of my grandma's typing paper were used in my Fashion Plating adventures.

I had forgotten all about my love for Fashion Plates until Krystal introduced me to the website Couturious. It's like Fashion Plates, but all high tech! Look at this outfit I just created! I even found a creatures necklace for my model!

If you haven't had the chance to play with this totally addictive site yet, I want to encourage you to jet on over there and do so! You get to mix and match clothes and accessories until you've created the most perfect outfit, ever (even tucking in shirts if you'd like and switching positions of the bags, etc). Best of all, each piece is linked to a place where you can purchase 'em. Fashion Plates didn't have that goin' on, did they?

If you have a Facebook account, you can even link it to share your Couturious creations or to save and bookmark the ensembles you've put together. Plus, all of your grandma's precious typing paper will remain unused!

If you're already on Couturious, make sure to take a little bit of time to vote on entries for their Create-Compete-Ch-Ching scholarship program. Your votes will determine the top ten, then a very distinguished panel of judges will choose three scholarship winners. First prize is $2000 toward tuition at one of the participating schools.

Also, please feel free to laugh at the bio of the weirdo judge on the bottom of the judges' page. She obviously needs to hire a more serious person (other than herself) to write her public profiles...

Um, anyways... why are you still here? Go get stylin' and voting!