Austin spotlight: Parsimony

So I told my agents that I wouldn't be taking any acting or modeling work until January 2011, and I've just been relaxing, surprisingly happy to be out of the rat race for a while. Truth be told, I don't usually have a lot fun auditioning for and taking professional modeling work. My skin is not at all thick, and for the greater part of my life I've been involved in industries where very thick skin is needed.

Something that I do enjoy, however, is modeling for friends and acquaintances. Today I had the distinct pleasure of doing a mini-session for my good friend Robie who owns Parsimony. She was up for an Austin Fashion Week award last year, and she's up for one again this year. She's also frequently featured on Etsy where she exclusively sells her custom, made-to-order dresses. I dragged Hubs along to our photo shoot and had him snap some pictures with our new point and shoot (a Canon PowerShot S90) so you could get a sneak peak of our session and see what I've been up to today:

Robie and I in her paperbag waist skirts. I love these!

Amy shows off a ruffle front, 60's inspired, trapeze dress. Too cute! Jeana is behind the camera.

Amy dons Robie's bold print, strapless dress. Gorgeous!

Robie gets Laura ready for a wedding shot in the Princess Buttercup dress. Simple and beautiful!

Hubs grabbed this photo of me showing off the baby bump that seemed to just pop yesterday. Finally! I was so sick of just looking like I had a large lunch. I've been ready to look pregnant!

date: 5 May 2010
occasion: Parsimony fashion shoot
dress and belt: Parsimony
wellies: Costco

I love Robie's designs because they're simple and well made with loving attention to details. Nothing in her shop is over $82 which friggin' blows my mind considering that each and every dress is made custom to the buyer. That means you get to pick your fabric, your length, and then Robie makes the dress specifically to your measurements. Deal of the century, right?

Check out Parsimony here. If you're in Austin, Robie also teaches affordable sewing lessons. Her sewing blog is So Sew Something. She's a riot, and I truly hope Parsimony becomes a cornerstone in Austin fashion.