I've worn an apron in an outfit posts before. Like last time, I was feeling particularly house-wifey today. Hubs bought us a new slow cooker, so I been testing out a vegetarian black bean chili recipe. I even made some Southwest cornbread and managed to keep my apron batter-splatter free:

I got this sweet little apron at an estate sale for less than ONE DOLLAR!

Hubs' incredibly thoughtful mom and her husband sent me this lovely bouquet of flowers today with a card saying "Happy Mother's Day. You're going to be a wonderful mother." Awwww...

Look! My bangs have grown out long enough to go back into my ponytail. Yay!

date: 6 May 2010
occasion: housewifing (if that's not a word, it should be!)
dress: second hand Jovovich-Hawk (clothing swap)
clogs: LEI (Walmart, on clearance for $3!)
wood bangle: Nordstrom Rack
pony pin: Fashionique (since closed)
apron: estate sale

Estate sales are still my most favorite place to get vintage items. I love walking through the rooms and examining the things that someone once loved. At the last one Hubs and I went to, I had an armload of items, and the sale organizers said I could have it all for a mere $20. This apron was among those goodies. It makes me happy to be able to give things new life. I try to imagine what kind of lady had a fancy blue apron like this, and I can't come up with anything. What are your guesses? Any ideas?