M-i-c... [c you later!] k-e-y

In less than seven hours, I will be on a plane heading to Disney World!

Photos pilfered from Lookbook.nu

Hubs and I are taking a little Babymoon before I start waddling. I know it may seem a little strange that two adults would go to Disney World sans children, but there is a back story. When we were dating (a mind blowing nine years ago!) we celebrated our one year dating anniversary at Disney World because I was working there, doing the Disney College Program. We haven't had a vacation since our honeymoon, and we wanted to take one before I popped this kid out. Being as round as I am, I did not want to go to an exotic location where I'd be forced to have to wear a swimsuit. I also didn't want to go someplace where I'd have to be outdoorsy. So voĆ­la! Disney World with its nostalgia factors won out. I'm taking my camera but not my laptop, and I don't expect to post until my return.

We return Saturday night. I always take Sundays off from writing, so I'll see y'all on Monday! Let me know if you have any Disney World recommendations. All your comments and emails go straight to my phone and my phone and I are likethis.