Disney World was just what we needed!

There's hardly anything worse than being forced to look at someone else's family vacation photos, right? So for this post, I apologize. Now, proceed to the torture!

Hubs and I were able to do all four parks at Disney World. We did Epcot our first day and Hollywood Studios the second. Then my family came down from Tampa and together we did the Magic Kingdom the third day and Animal Kingdom (my favorite!) on the last day.

I have a deep, deep love for snow cones, and I was ecstatic to be able to find one in the Japan part of Epcot. They called it Kakigōri. I called it delicious!

I used to work at Disney World (I did the Disney College Program in 2002), but a lot of new things have been built since then. My favorite new thing was the 3D Toy Story ride at Hollywood Studios. Hubs and I totally rocked the heck out of our 3D shades even though we didn't even come close to breaking that day's high score:

[Hubs is wearing his Trojan Seahorse shirt from Threadless. I'm in an untagged dress from Ross that is strikingly similar to Shabby Apple's Barefoot in the Park Dress...]

One of the silliest/ best things we did was have breakfast with the Winnie the Pooh characters at the Crystal Palace at the Magic Kingdom. I'm relatively certain that Tigger fell in love with me:

[Hubs is in his Ides of March t-shirt from the Threadless 12 month club. I'm wearing a tunic tank by Hazel]

On the morning of our last day, we rode a train to Rafiki's Planet Watch in the Animal Kingdom. Rafiki let us take a photo of his blue butt:

[I'm wearing an Old Navy cabana dress and Hubs is in his CMYKF5 tee from shirt.woot]
My goal was to pack light and to stay cool and I succeeded! I was happy that we went on vacation before my waddling started and before the summer crowds were out. All in all it was the perfect vacation, and I can't wait to go back one day when the kid is --you know-- on the outside of me.

[By the way, a barf inducing cutesy pregnancy photo is now up on my pregnancy blog: The Wonder Love].