The eighth annual Austin Adult Spelling Bee

One of my favorite inventions is spell check. I love spell check. I spell check my casual emails, my text messages, and even my IM conversations. I am a horrible speller. Example: almost every day I have to correct "ocassion" when I do my style file photos (Adams, it's two c's, one s!).

Tonight I formed a new respect for the folks who competed in Austin's eighth annual adult spelling bee which was held outside at Threadgills. Hubs and I went to support my friend Heidi who was a part of the competition (she made it to round two!). I had never even heard of most of these words, so forget about trying to figure out how to spell them!

I was able to sport the new earrings and t-shirt that I got from Plain Ivey Jane on Tuesday:

Aren't these hilarious?

I think my love for animal jewelry is spilling over into t-shirts...

date: 20 May 2010
occasion: watching the Austin annual adult spelling bee
t-shirt: Home Town Heroes via Plain Ivey Jane
shorts: Liz Lange Maternity via Target
boots: thrifted Minnetonka (Buffalo Exchange)
earrings: Hobbit Town via Plain Ivey Jane

Here are some of the best words I learned tonight:
velocipede, sexagesimal, vaginismus (eeeeek!).