Meet my new panda!

I really feel like I hit the thrifting jackpot today. I took a duffel bag of ill fitting clothes to Buffalo Exchange this afternoon, and they bought all but one dress from me! Score! With my trade credit I bought a summer plaid tunic (to be worn tomorrow) and found the newest member of my animal jewelry collection. World, meet Sparkly Panda Ring!

This photo does not adequately show how adorable he is!
At $8.50, he was a steal! Other comparable/ awesome panda rings are priced well above what I can comfortably spend right now:

1. Emitations, $280, 2.Eternal Sparkles, $277, 3. nOir, $165.
I love when I find something at a resale shop on the cheap! I know y'all think I have plenty of animal jewelry, but trust me. This guy needed to come home with me. I don't own one single bear and that needed to change-- pronto!