Nice lipstick. You must have high morals.


My first lipstick was a Clinique Bonus Time tube of Tenderheart in the sixth grade, and I have stayed loyal to the brand ever since. Chianti, my current go-to shade was also found via Clinique Bonus Time recently, too. And as you can see, I've worn mine down to a nice flattop:

Yes, I know this may seem of little consequence, but according to my back issues of YM magazine (arguably one of the best teen magazines of the 90's, alongside Sassy), the shape of your lipstick reveals a lot about your personality. Agree or disagree?

1. Rounded, smooth tip:
Easy-going, a peacemaker, even-tempered, steady, likable, generous.
2. Sharp angled box curved tip:
Creative, enthusiastic, energetic, talkative, loves attention, falls in love easily, helpful.
3. Flat top, with concave center:
A great detective, make friends easily, inquisitive, adventurous, complex, exciting.
4. Slanted; close to original shape:
Abides by the rules, great follower, a little self-conscious, reserved, schedule driven, may occasionally want to attract attention but uses subtle ways to get it (dyed hair, new outfits).
5. Sharp angled tip:
Opinionated, high-spirited, dislikes schedules, selective of friends, outgoing, likes attention, argumentative.
6. Flattop (Indiana style!):
To the point, high morals, very dependable, quick minded, loves challenges, careful about appearances.
7. Rounded tip, but slightly pointed:
Lovable, family oriented, domestic, a “doer”, can be stubborn over little things, tends to exaggerate, needs people around.
8. Sharp angles, both sides:
Spiritual, curious, seeks attention, mysterious, loves life, big ego.

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Bonus points to anyone who emails me photos of the shape of their lipstick!