Relax. There's shorts underneath.

I went to Savers for the first time in a long time yesterday (everything was half off!), and I found out they have a maternity rack. Rock and roll! I'm half way done with this pregnancy already, and I vowed not to get too many maternity specific clothes, but I could not resist this tunic. It has pockets! Pockets are a weakness for me! I may be able to rock this post pregnancy, too.

Since this was a whole lotta leg (for a pregnant girl) and I was on my way to City Group, I decided to add a tall boot to make it seem like my dress wasn't too short.

date: 1 June 2010
occasion: City Group
tunic: thrifted Motherhood Maternity- Savers
vintage riding boots: thrifted Hunt Club- Style Station
denim shorts (under tunic): Billabong- PacSun
tiger ring: Buffalo Exchange, new merch

We were sitting on the couch, talking about prayer, when Hubs leans over to me and quietly whispers, "Do you have shorts on under that?" OH MY GOSH. Of course! If I was concerned about a little too much leg showing, of course I would put on a pair of shorts under a tunic that length!

Maybe six or seven years ago I would have ventured out without shorts under something this short, but gosh! I'm not in my early twenties anymore! Plus I'm going to be a mom. I would be mortified if my mother ever went out in something this short without something underneath!

All of this makes me laugh and causes me to wonder how else my style will evolve once I'm a mother. I mean, yesterday I got a minivan (gasp!). What's next? A mom haircut? Crocs? Holiday themed sweaters? I hope you all keep me accountable to stay away from the aforementioned things!