A Mighty Fine Day

I love cheeseburgers! This fact has been well documented over at The Wonder Love, and today my friend Heidi and I got cheeseburgers at Mighty Fine and visited with our friend Chris:

The "watch us make it window" was not nearly as appetizing to gaze through as the one at Krispy Kreme (sorry for this, ethical vegetarians!):
[music sampled: "I Gotta Move" by Ben Kweller]
Remember when I used to be a vegetarian? Hmph. Maybe I'll go back to that after this baby makes me stop craving meat all the time!

Speaking of the baby, I woke up this morning and my stomach has popped! Frankly, I'm surprised I'm not ripping my Mexican house dress at the seams! I really wanted to wear it, though. I've been thinking about mine ever since Jessica donned hers a few weeks ago:

Look! An animated gif!

Whoa! Big belly!

date: 8 June 2010
occasion: cheeseburger outing!
dress: Second Time Around (Boston) [here it is pre-pregnancy]
belt: thrifted- Savers
flips: Volcom courtesy of PacSun
skirt (under dress): American Apparel
bag: thrifted F21- Buffalo Exchange

In totally unrelated news, my garden is doing extremely well! Squirrels kept stealing my tomatoes, but this morning some of my surviving big ones started turning red. Aren't they coming out gorgeous?

Maybe I'll pick these once they've ripened and then wear this dress and eat some fresh, homemade salsa. Maybe I'll even put the salsa on a cheeseburger!