Not that I'm usually in the habit of posting photos of me that I hate, but...

Holy smokes! Have you ever worn anything out in public then got home and thought, "Geesh. I probably shouldn't have worn that..."? No doubt Tara Reid has these moments on the regular, but not regular folks like us. Right? Right?!

Icky McIckersons! I just had a meeting at Yum Yum Frozen Yogurt with Kristin and Jimmy of Do512 wearing this regretful ensemble:

Granted, it doesn't look so bad here. But then there's this:

It's so shiny and so crotchtastic!
date: 10 June 2010
meeting the Do512 crew to talk shop
: thrifted American Apparel- Buffalo Exchange
belt: Buffalo Exchange new merch
shirt: GAP (circa 1999- what what!)
alligator bracelet- Fashionique (since closed)
flats: Payless

1. In the great words of my grade school crush (while referring to our speech teacher): Spandex is a privilege not a right!
2. I am pretty sure my OBGYN could perform an exam on me while I'm wearing this dress without me having to lay down and put my feet up. I did not realize that my pregnant belly made the front hem go up so far in the front! Huge apologies to anyone who saw me today and may have been visually assaulted by my crotchal area.

For reference, this is what the American Apparel Nylon Tricot Figure Skater Dress is supposed to look like:

Easily a G or PG rating.

I have no idea how Cole from Pacing the Panic Room rocked the heck out of all her American Apparel gear while pregnant. Mine is all starting to look obscene. Well, you know... more obscene than American Apparel usually looks.
Comment of the Day: Haha... thanks for posting... meh! A crotch flash never hurt anyone, in fact some would argue that careers were built off them.... -my edit