It is getting warmer and I am getting bigger!

I had planned to take some style photos while at Miranda Dodson's CD release party at Stubb's on Friday, but I only had my point and shoot with me. The DSLR takes much better photos in low light. Lesson learned. I was, however, able to grab a couple photos. I plan to do a lot more of these this summer as everyone is Austin dresses so cute during our sweltering months.

This is Emily. Her olive green romper immediately caught my eye.

romper: Kohl's (excellent find, Emily!), sandals: DSW

This laughing lady is my friend Robie... yes, the same Robie who is hosting the Etsy/ Readymade craft night this Friday.

dress and sash: Parsimony (her own design)

As for what I wore? Well, it's become apparent that a shopping trip is in order! Only about a third of my summer dresses fit properly and my 34A's are definitely in B territory now. I think Melissa of Dear Baby said it best when she described being pregnant as being one half Victoria's Secret model (glorious hair and a bigger rack) and one half old man (new gut and new gas). In any regard, most of my jersey knit dresses still fit, so I just ended up wearing an old stand-by:

date: 11 June 2010
occasion: Miranda Dodson CD release party
dress: thrifted F21 via Savers [here it is pre-pregnancy]
tank: Calvin Klein
elephant necklace: Buffalo Exchange
wedges: Cynthia Vincent for Target
flip flops (in hand): Macy's

I don't want to jinx it or anything, but so far my feet haven't swollen up, so I'm still able to wear all my shoes. However, I now carry a spare pair of flip flops just in case I start getting Fred Flintstone feet or in case my feet start feeling fatigued.

I was pretty impressed that on Friday that I didn't have to change to my flip flops at all. These Cynthia Vincent wedges are surprisingly very comfortable! My new Toms Wedges are supposed to be here by tomorrow, so let's just hope my feet continue to stay normal sized!