Back in April, I was invited to be one of Lucky Magazine's Alpha Shoppers, joining the ranks alongside some super duper famous bloggers like KeikoLynn, Kyla at Blue Collar Catwalk, Jen from JenLovesKev, Katy from Kansas Couture, and a host of other wonderful women. I am flattered to be a part of this... even if I don't seem to take this honor too, too seriously. Check out my absurd biography photo!

This week one of the online editors asked us to take a short little survey on bras. Yes, bras. So if you're curious about what's under my shirt (ow-ow!), you can surf on over to my Alpha Shopper blog entry, aptly titled "The Best Supporting Actor of Your Wardrobe". I do, of course, start my blog out talking about Punky Brewster (you know I love me some 80's icons!). Relevant? Well, kind of...
[my Alpha Shopper blog post here].

Also, I know there are a lot of online fashion community websites out there, but I do want to encourage you to join the Lucky Magazine Style Spotters if you haven't already (simply click JOIN in the upper right of the page). The Lucky community is a little different than the others in that it is mostly real women (not bloggers) with real world, working style (i.e. they don't all look like American Apparel or Urban Outfitters models). This is a really great site to join for those of you who have trepidations about joining sites like and Chictopia.