Recap: tonight's Etsy craft night

I just got home from the Etsy/ Ready Made craft party at Robie's house, and I was so excited that I immediately made a little recap video!

[music sampled: "Craft Talk" by Leslie Hall]

Just a note of honesty here, though. The banner still in the video is my inspiration photo (and not what I made... yet). I didn't get a photo of my banner because I didn't get a chance to finish mine (so many crafts, so little time!) but I do plan to follow the directions on Blue Cricket Design to complete mine in the next week or so.

There were so many awesome ladies there including Austin bloggers Sandhya, Ashley, Jenni, and Laura (the latter of whom I hadn't seen since last October!). I had a really great time and was reminded how wonderful it is to be friends with women! I'll write more about it later, though! I'm nutso for staying up so late and cranking out video on the same night!

UPDATE: 20 June 2010. Robie uploaded a ton of photos to her Flickr. Be sure to check 'em out: