Hairy situations

This morning I realized (and tweeted) that it's become clear to me that I'm running out of clothes that I can attractively squeeze into! This, of course, calls for a long overdue trip to Savers. In the meantime, I dug this babydoll tunic out of my Goodwill pile, threw on a vest I bought for Disney World and never wore, and shoe horned myself into my favorite cut-off shorts (which I've had to leave unbuttoned).

date: 22 June 2010
occasion: thrifting, then a taco outing with my City Group
vest: Old Navy
tunic: thrifted Wet Seal via Buffalo Exchange
shorts: Billabong via Pac Sun (seen here pre-pregnancy)
sandals: Old Navy
bow: F21

Something else that's become clear to me is that my hair is out of control! I offhandedly muttered "I need a hair cut" the other day and a shorter-haired friend of mine vehemently agreed. I think my fear of hair cuts has been well documented here, but my number one reason for not cutting too much off my hair has always been that my agent thinks that when I have superfluously long hair, I book more acting work. Now that I'm not taking acting work until December, for the first time in four years, I probably have full permission to hack away. But I don't want to get a mom haircut, you know what I mean?

Maybe I should just start by blow drying my hair after my showers. Or doing cuter stuff with it. Or (at the very least) brushing it occasionally.