It's business time (again).

I have been out of business cards since the SXSW New Media Fashion Brunch. I finally put in a new order two weeks ago, and Hubs got my morning started off right by announcing that I had mail (I love mail!). Yay! My new cards were here!

I ordered two different kinds from (not sure why they are called this. There is nothing "overnight" about their printing). The first set was a slightly modified version of my old set:

These are almost identical to my old cards. Modifications: I changed the fonts to match the website header, tweaked the tag line, and changed the card's background to match my Twitter page.

The second set of cards was purely experimental. I had found a coupon code on that got me two sets of 100 cards with rounded corners and a glossy coating for only $12, total. I figured that if I messed up half of them, no big deal. They turned out okay:

I have my photo on my acting business cards, but I wasn't sure if putting my photo on my Adored Austin business cards would come off as narcissistic. A quick poll on Twitter assured me that this would be socially acceptable.

But the coolest part about this card? Take an x-acto knife to it and voilĂ !

A miniature me can hang out on your desk all day. Ha! That's just what you needed, right?