Am I getting too old for this?

I want to preface this post with this: I love the fashion blogging community, and I really hope you all know that. Gush, gush, gush! In the (almost) year I've been doing this, I've been so fortunate to make friends with other women who do this, too and so many of you who stop by Adored Austin. I really love doing this, and I hope that I do this for a long, long time.

But can we just take a moment to laugh at ourselves? Please? Just one moment? I'm getting older, and I'm finding that I just don't dress as "cool" as I did when I was in college. I mean, people used to call me on Halloween to borrow the clothes that I wore on a normal, daily basis!

I find myself still drawn to pieces that I would have worn when I was younger, but I don't usually pair them all up together. But what if I did?

All of these pieces are mine. It's just that I don't usually dress like this when I'm... you know... going grocery shopping or something like that.

Oh, irony: Heart this on Weardrobe. Hype this on Lookbook. Deem this Chic on Chictopia.

I am certainly guilty of everything on the "Anatomy of a Fashion Blogger" list (especially the pigeon toes!), but for the most part, I try my best to dress like the sensible, conservative, mom-to-be that I am. I read a ton of style blogs, and my favorites are the ones that are real women, with real bodies, who dress realistically while incorporating some of the outlandish or innovative.

All that to say this: we're all having fun, right? Fashion is fun. Keep all this in mind for later today, okay? This all has to do with this awesome giveaway/ contest that's now up and ready for you to enter!