Be my stylist, please.

I only have one maxi dress. I got it a couple summers ago from the Gap and I love it. I would really like to get another one. They're so effortless to wear. Plus if there ever comes a time that my belly gets in the way of me taking care of my leg hair, I can just throw on a long dress and pretend that problem doesn't exist.

More often than not my indecision has caused inaction. I can hem and haw about things forever and never come to a conclusion. I am determined that this will not be the case with my maxi dress acquisition. This is where you come in, friends. Help me decide which of these six dresses I should get from eShakti:

Which eShakti maxi dress should I get?survey software
I just learned about eShakti a couple days ago, and I must say I'm excited about the concept. For the price (and look) of an Anthropologie dress, they will customize any of their clothing, sizes 0- 26, to fit your measurements. And they promise that it will be on your doorstep within seven days! A lot of the dresses come in several color options, and most dresses cost between $50- $100. When you get to the check out page, you simply input your bra size and height for the customization. You can even pay an additional $15/ garment to have the sleeves or neckline changed. I wish I would have known about this site when I was getting married. I would have loved to have my bridesmaid's dress done there! (Bee, I would have went for this one).

Anyway, I'm excited about trying out one of their dresses to see the workmanship up close. If worse comes to worse, they do have an excellent return policy. And just so y'all know, I'm not being paid for this post, by the way! This is just some good 'old information I'm sharing with you! I'm excited to get the dress you pick out for me!