Just another Manic Monday

One thing that I have learned is that Texans love their air conditioning! Even though it is nearing 100º outside, I always have to tote around a sweater or a blazer because most shops and theaters are kept at walk-in freezer temperatures. I got to try out one of the tunics I got at Savers last week today, and for my requisite top layer, I added my 80's studded cardigan from Buffalo Exchange:

I attempted to get all "Delightfully Tacky" with this photo, but I only did one snapshot over here. I was super concerned a snake was going to get me!

Snake free and with the cardigan...

cardigan detail: I'm going to have to replace the buttons soon. They're more brass instead of gold now.

Without the cardigan...

These hide pregnancy cankles well!

This frog used to be attached to a belt, but then he got stepped on and broken. I attached him to a hair-tie today for a make shift bracelet, but I hope I can eventually turn it into something a little more sturdy and permanent.date: 28 June 2010
occasion: waiting for the house appraiser, then thank-you card hunting.
tunic: Savers
cardigan: Buffalo Exchange
shorts: Liz Lange maternity from Target
boots: Rue 21
frog: Buffalo Exchange
sunglasses: Blue Blockers via a flea market

I love that I'm not really smiling or looking at the camera in any of these photos. These would be perfect for the Eighteenth contest that's going on right now. So far, I've had some great photo entries, but keep 'em coming! I can't wait to show 'em all off!

On an unrelated/ kind of related side note: can I just say that these shorts may be the most ridiculous things I own? PROOF. But ask me again in a couple months if I still think they're ridiculous. I may be singing a totally different tune by then.