I got it at Ross!

One of my least favorite places to shop is the Ross by my house. The store always looks like a tornado went though it, the shoes are all over the floor, and hardly anything is placed in the right size section. I did a mondo thrifting session yesterday but for the life of me could not find any non-maternity dresses that work on my body in this current state. I decided to give Ross a try (because it's so darned affordable!) and was happy to find this little gem of a dress within a few minutes of browsing:

This sort of reminds me of the dress Courtney was wearing in this street style photo.

Let's all pretend that there's NOT a floral bulls-eye encircling my womb, okay?

I really love all the vibrant colors in the print.

My favorite boots! I am never going to give these up!

As promised, I'm going to start doing stuff to my hair. Today I tried the 'ole French braid/ bun combo.

Here's the newest addition to the animal jewelry collection. I've been thinking about him constantly ever since I passed him up a month ago. I'm so glad he was still there!
date: 1 July 2010
occasion: Peacock Plume Sip & Shop tonight and filming a video blog with Austin Goodwill later after that.
dress: Rhapsody via Ross
tank: Ralph Lauren
boots: Steven Madden
bunny ring: SoLa

Hubs is so funny. He insisted that I watch this video a few days ago:

This has been stuck in my head all day, but singing it while shopping at Ross sure did make my time there more enjoyable. Thanks for the link, Hubs!