dress + sandals = easy summer outfit

Confession: the main reason why I wear dresses so often is not because they're cute and girly. Nope. The main reason I wear them is out of pure laziness. Throw one on and you don't have to think about a top and a bottom. My standard lazy summer uniform is a cotton dress and sandals. Done and done!

date: 5 July 2010
occasion: double date with the husband and wife duo of The Sad Accordions.
dress: SoSik via Ross
sandals: thrifted, Savers
pony pin (as barrette): Fashionique (since closed)

We were getting ready for our double date yesterday and this exchange happened:
Hubs: Haha. I get it!
Me: ... you... get what?
Hubs: You have a pony in your ponytail!

Note: this was not intentional, but nonetheless, it was kind of cute that he made this connection. I really appreciate that Hubs puts up with my borderline obsessive quest for animal jewelry.

Comment of the Day: I am the same way. Too lazy to get dressed but need to be in public... dress! The pony conversation is precious! Remember he noticed the details himself... men find that hard sometimes! -Kayla