Be brave

Recently the Delightful Dozen had the honor of helping Jess LC with her lookbook for her new Franklin Collection launch. We each got to choose a necklace with a different braille "intention" on it.
franklin5The five intentions for the collection were chosen by the readers of Make Under My Life. I had a really hard time deciding between them all, but in the end, I chose BE BRAVE:
date: 2 July 2010
occasion: relaxing at home
dress: thrifted
vest: Ross
necklace: courtesy of Jess LC
boots: Steve Madden

When you get a moment, check out the entire lookbook to see why each member of the Delightful Dozen chose which intention she chose. It was so interesting to learn more about these women through this project.

I feel like I could have written a novel on why I chose the intention "be brave", but I suppose it really all comes down to one key reason: Did you know "Fear not" and "Be not afraid" are the most common phrases in the Bible? God is constantly encouraging us to have courage and faith. I need a reminder to be brave, not just when it comes to birthing or parenting, but in all areas of my life.