Introducing: A Box For My Treasure

A couple folks have asked about the necklace I'm wearing in yesterday's video blog. I'm glad you asked! It's the most darling thing and a gift from my newest partner/ Irish jewelry designer Judith of "A Box For My Treasure":
A Box For My Treasure: mad hatter necklace
One-of-a-kind, Madhatter's Tea Party necklace.

A Box For My Treasure: mad hatter necklace
I can't handle the cuteness! This necklace is a part of Judith's Afternoon Tea Party collection.

A Box For My Treasure: hair slides
And... there's animals! These are the Vintage Swooping Swallow Hair Slides.

A Box For My Treasure: swallow earrings
These are the Silver Feathered Bird Earrings. I absolutely love them, but I sort of feel like a punk for having a pose-off contest winner and giving her no prize! These will soon be flying away to Lizzypunch who once told me that she's enamored by my animal jewelry collection.

Judith describes A Box for My Treasure as "whimsical, wearable and affordable jewellery handmade in Ireland". I describe it as "So cute that I want to squeal!"

Shipping to the U.S. is only $2.75, and nothing in her shop is over $35! What the what? Under $35 for something unique and hand crafted? Yes, please! She even has a Facebook page and a newsletter in which further discounts are available. Unbelievable! Check out this carload of cute on Etsy:

Side note: I photographed all the jewelry with the china my dad bought for my grandma in Europe back in the 80's. She recently gave me the entire set! I'm feeling fancy! I own real china now and tiny china jewelry!

[A Box For My Treasure is an in-kind partner of Adored Austin. These three pieces were gifts.]
[For more info on partnerships with Adored Austin, please visit my partners page. ]