At least I can still wear my animal jewelry!

I tweeted yesterday that from now until the end of October, I'm probably going to be dressing a lot more basic, which may be a little boring for a self-style blog. It may be cotton dresses and sandals from here on out. This means I am going to have to bulk up on fantastic accessories in order to keep from becoming too paugh. You remember the definition of paugh, right?

paugh- adjective. \ˈpɒ\ or \paw\, usually pronounced as a long, drawn out sigh.
definition: oppressively ordinary, causing physical exhaustion in the beholder.
See: Paughflap on Blogger and Facebook for further explanation.

Why am I going to dress basic for the next couple of months? Well, something happened to me over the weekend:
I have grown to FORTY INCHES AROUND and none of my pre-pregnancy dresses and bottoms fit me!

But luckily necklaces still fit. I got some new animal jewelry gifts in the mail. This is a 1960's Goldette owl that my friends Lee and Ruth saw and just had to send me. I love his little jeweled eyes!

And so far, my Cynthia Vincent wedges still fit (knock on wood!). Sadly, the same cannot be said for my wedding ring.

date: 13 July 2010
occasion: grocery shopping and City Group
dress: Liz Lange maternity
wedges: Cynthia Vincent for Target
bag: thrifted via Buffalo Exchange
necklace: gift from the Fowlers (thanks, Lee and Ruth!)

I have decided that I really like black and cognac together. You always hear that black and brown don't go well together, but I disagree. Heck, I disagreed back in August. Besides... tell little Jimi Hendrix Adams that black and brown don't go together.

Go ahead. Break his cute little puppy heart.
Comment of the Day: Definitely get in ALL the long fun jewelry you can before baby comes & starts choking you with it! :P -Sara