Review: Barely There® undergarments


Can we talk about something that we don’t usually talk about? Yes. I’m talking about boobs.

I have been wearing a bra since the seventh grade. Incidentally, it wasn’t until I got pregnant that my chest size increased significantly since then. I’ve gone from a 34AA to a full 34B recently and have had to buy all new brassieres. Truth be told, I’ve had a heck of a time trying to find some that fit correctly!

It’s as if Barely There® heard of my plight. They recently sent some of the Lucky Alpha Shoppers a couple pieces from the Barely There’s CustomFlex™ Fit line:

I got a pair of microfiber bikini underpants, the Bandini™ two pack, and the Wirefree bra.


When I first pulled them out of the package, I was dubious. The bras looked so tiny! Size 34B was in the largest size in the size small bracket:


I tried the Wirefree bra on first. Perfect, comfortable fit! Just a fair warning, though: since there’s not a lot to it, it looks sort of like a preteen’s training bra just sitting there on the bed. I’m used to wires and lots and lots of push-up padding. This bra was a completely different story. This is the kind of bra I could wear all day, not giving it a second thought. Made of 95% nylon and 5% spandex, it stretches in all the right places, while offering a light support.

Next up was the Bandini. First of all, what a fun name! Second of all, I see why they call it this. The Bandini truly is the Houdini of bandeau bras! I've been wearing this other one nonstop this summer. The Bandini is way better! Sold in a two pack, it can be worn in several different configurations including strapless, one shouldered, or racer back. (Y'all know how much I love clothing than can be configured a bunch of different ways! After all, I do own two le sac dresses, one convertible dress, and one circle scarf!) Doubled up with another Bandini, these aren’t only functional, but they’re also cute. I did yoga while wearing both of mine, and I felt supported, cool, and comfortable.

I was also given a pair of Flawless Fit® microfiber underpants. Again, made of nylon and spandex, these are the perfect companion to the rest of the Barely There line. The elastic is flat, they’re seamless, and you couldn’t even tell I was wearing full backed underpants under my slinky yoga pants.

Verdict: Buy! The prices are much more affordable than undergarments at a very popular, “very sexy” retailer. The Wirefree bra is $24, The Bandini is sold in a two pack for $24, and the microfiber bikini underwear is available for $9 each or three for $24.

I do want to say that really like the simple sizing of the entire Barely There line. I do wish I would have gone with size mediums instead of smalls, though. Mediums fit sizes 36B, 34C, and 36C. As I enter into my third trimester of pregnancy, I can only imagine my chest getting larger. Well, I can hope, anyway! For the first time in my life I have boobs!