Whoa! Five more animals!

I am feeling overwhelmed by kindness! I absolutely love that whenever you see funny animal jewelry, you often think of me. Sweet Annie of Little Ocean Annie fame recently sent me these fabulous vintage deadstock necklaces she picked up:

Being the overly emotional person I am, I literally got teary when I opened the package. The seahorse is my favorite.

I always get mushy when I see a seahorse. If Hubs and I had to choose a mascot for our relationship, we'd choose a seahorse. Did you know that seahorses mate for life, and they often hook tails and dance with each other for hours as part of their courtship and romance ritual? They win an award for most romantic animals, ever!

I wore the tiny fish Annie gave me today along with a woven necklace from fabric artist (and Burda Style community manager) David. See? I'm trying to work the accessories with my otherwise paugh dress:

P.S. I wore this in the last video blog
tomsI adored Uchenna
date: 14 July 2010
occasion: birthing class (got to be comfortable!)
dress: Pink Rose via Ross
wedges: TOMS
fish necklace: gift from Little Ocean Annie (thank you, Annie!)
woven necklace: gift from Uchenna (thank you, David!)

I can't remember if I mentioned this or not, but I did end up sending my original TOMS wedges back to exchange for a half size bigger (thanks, swollen pregnancy feet). After two days of wearing them around the house, they are perfection now, easily some of the most comfortable shoes I own.

I'm still feeling overwhelmed with kindness. Thank you for all the sweet words about my pregnant belly yesterday. It's an odd thing, seeing your body take on a totally new shape, but I am very thankful for y'all and for this little Hamburglar. So far, it's been a fun challenge dressing the bump.