Style Chain: Miroslava Mikheeva-Duma

More over, Angelina. You've just been usurped of your "Most Beautiful Pregnant Woman Ever" title. World, meet Miroslava Mikheeva-Duma, the fashion editor at Russia's Harper's Bizaar.


Chaucee gave me the heads up on dear Miroslava, and I've been Googling her and feeling inspiration out the wazoo! In fact, I felt so inspired that I decided to Style Chain one of her outfits. I haven't Style Chained since November. Youch!

I am now convinced that I need a boater's hat.

date: 15 July 2010
occasion: filming a stop-action movie with Hubs
dress: GAP
tank: Old Navy
sandals: Volcom courtesy of Pac Sun
teacup necklace: courtesy of A Box for my Treasure
bag: courtesy of American Apparel SXSW flea market

I'm trying not to complain about my body too much, but let's be honest here. Women in America, for the most part, are inundated with messages saying we have to be thin. These messages do not go away just because you're pregnant.

I've have always been okay with my body (even when I was sixteen years old and my old modeling agency told me to lose 15 pounds when I only weighed 110). You'd think that when you're pregnant that the pressure to be a certain size wouldn't exist. But the sad fact is, it does. And it doesn't help that the body you've known all of your life has suddenly become totally different to you.

Even when you look at maternity clothing online, the women there are thin everywhere, save for their glorious, perfect baby bumps. They have thin arms, thin faces, small legs, little butts, etc. Note: most of these "maternity models" are not pregnant at all. Trust me. I recently went on a casting call for the part of a pregnant woman in a commercial and thought I had it in the bag. Turns out they went with a non-pregnant girl and padded her up!

This is why I get so much inspirational from the blogging community. The blogs I love are by women who aren't professional models ('though yes, some of them could be!). We all have different body shapes and styles, and it certainly takes a nice dose of healthy self-esteem to put our own photos online all the time. Sure, fashion magazines are great for an occasional escape from reality, but when I am having a fashion conundrum about what to wear, I usually head to the blogs instead of to the latest issue of Vogue.