I'm in sewing class!


My New Year's resolution was "Create More/ Consume Less". It's July, and um... I haven't been doing very well with that. Well, I mean, I've been consuming less, but I definitely have not been creating more.

I have sewing lessons at Austin's Stitch Lab this morning! When I get done, I'm going to fully expect to:
1. Know how to turn on the sewing machine.
2. Figure out how to get thread to go into and up out of the bobbin, and
3. Have the know-how to make things like simple little pillows and easy curtains.

I'll blog when I return. Happy Friday, everyone! By the way, are you going to this tonight?

I am! It's all ages, so I hope to see all you Austinites out in full force.

What else? Oh, yes. Just a friendly reminder that today is the last day to get your name submissions in for Peacock Plume's "Name it and win it" contest. We've been loving the entries so far, but it's still anyone's game!