My first sewing project: from ick to chic!

Ladies and gentlemen (not that any gentlemen come here, I don't think...), I think I have a new hobby! I was hanging out with this thrift store dress, and I asked her if she'd allow me to do a make-over on her. Luckily she was up for it:
I hacked and hemmed.

Long sleeves became short sleeves.


And I turned the hem remnants into a sash.

date: 17 July 2010
occasion: refashion project
dress: Savers
sandals: Savers
lion necklace: gift from Annie (congrats to Annie! She just announced that she's having a baby, too!).

I'm quite pleased with how it turned out... and I just learned how to sew yesterday! I'm telling you, if I can do this already, anybody can do this with a little sewing lesson. I had no clue how to even put thread on a sewing machine until yesterday! I've always wanted to be able to alter ill fitting thrift store finds, and now I can. I hope to get better at it, but for a first try? This ain't so bad.