Stellar Sunday

Tacos, snocones, and vintage goods shopping... all in all it was a stellar Sunday. I even had the pleasure of meeting new friends Jackie and her husband Zach. Jackie was so sweet to let me know that she reads Adored Austin! Hooray for meeting Adored Austin readers in the wild!

We had lunch at Torchy's Tacos at the South Austin Trailer Park. Something unique about Austin is the mass influx of eateries served out of trailers. You can pretty much get anything out of a trailer now: tacos, hotdogs, cupcakes, sushi... you name it!trailerparkIt was over 100ยบ, but in the shade, in a dress, and with a snocone in my belly it actually didn't seem too bad...
wigglefishdate: 18 July 2010
occasion: church, lunch, and City Wide Garage Sale
dress: Liz Lange maternity, thrifted via Savers
belt: Savers
wedges: TOMS
necklace: gift from Little Ocean Annie
sunglasses: Urban Outfitters
bag: III Parcel

As Hubs was snapping some dailies for me, I made another new friend!


This little ham is Stella, and she saw Hubs with the camera and just grabbed my hand and cheesed it up with me. Future fashion blogger? Yep, probably!

After lunch and a snocone dessert, my friends Joanie and Mollie and I hit up the monthly City Wide Garage Sale. It's usually $5 to get in, but if you sign up for the email list, you get $1 off coupons. Even better? If you grab a booklet at The Alamo Drafthouse, there's a coupon in there that gets you in for free!

I found a vinyl, aqua footstool for the nursery (just $5!) and my newest, mild obsession: vintage Fisher Price Little People!littlepeople

Little People are still around; they're just not so little anymore. Apparently the old school ones are a choking hazard. However, I have such fond memories tied to mine (and not even one choking story), that I really want them for Baby Adams who can play with them supervised when he or she is older. I've been on the lookout for this airplane especially, but I was excited to find this bus in the meantime.