I owe you three posts today and this is not one of them.

pink pc
Oh, no she did NOT just post a stock image!
Oh, yes she did!

It's Monday and I've been kicked out of my little office while the new wood floor cures. In fact, Hubs is imploring me to go to a coffee shop to get away from the renovation dust. I am hard at work in my bedroom, trying to crank out two videos for you as well as announcing a new giveaway for Giveaway Mondays! Things are taking a little longer than expected, but everything should be uploaded and posted by tonight! Thanks for your patience, y'all!

In the meantime, check out these things:
1. Wikifashion.com. For the last three days Adored Austin was the front page/ featured article. It's strange to me that I have a wiki page, but whatevs. Anyone can create one, so if you haven't done one for your site yet, you should scoot over there and do one.
2. Austin Spark. I know it''s sorta meta-- an Austin blog about Austin bloggers, but again, some weirdo is being featured on there (please disregard the typos. They're not mine, I swear!), and
3. A good article by Miss Vinyl Ahoy about whether or not Forever 21 is promoting teenage pregnancy with their new maternity line. Someone got in some good, good quotes! Holla!