Are you pregnant or did you just have a lot of brisket?

Sorry for such a late posting tonight! I was busy redoing the video blog that went with yesterday's Hana Elite Flat Iron Review. That post has been updated with a video review/ tutorial and some new photos, so if you wanna, check it out.

Tonight was the last night that Hub's dad and step-mom and brother are in town. They've been working so hard at laying our new wood floors that we took a drive out to Driftwood, Texas to have dinner at the super famous Salt Lick BBQ. Get ready for an onslaught of photos! I had never been there before, and this place is truly Texas.
Who's the idiot who wore a white dress to a BBQ place?
vestdate: 27 July 2010
occasion: first trip to The Salt Lick BBQ!
dress: Jovovich-Hawk via a clothing swap (seen here pre-pregnancy)
vest: Ross (the back was the selling point for me!)
under dress: courtesy of Threadsence (added length)
owl necklace: courtesy of Threadsence (feeding the animal jewelry fervor!)
sandals: Volcom courtesy of PacSun's Spring Break Crew

My husband, the vegetarian, decides to be a carnivore for the evening!
My plate of Texas goodies: brisket (I asked for a burnt end per the recommendation of the dude on Man vs. Food), turkey, sausage, potato salad, baked beans, coleslaw, bread, pickles, and a whole grilled jalapeƱo with a bottle of Big Red.
Um, where did my food go?! (I was the only person who cleaned their plate that night!)
Not sure if this is mainly Baby or mainly BBQ!
The Salt Lick truly is a famous Texas experience. I don't know if I'll go back any time soon (it's a 50 minute drive from my house) but I'm pretty sure I ate enough to last me the next year or so, though. As for my white dress? Despite my mass mastication, I managed to keep it spotless. Go, me!

Comment of the Day: haha! the first thing i thought when i saw your outfit was "oh no! white and bbq!?" then i read the next line...too funny! love me some bbq...but i'm a kansas city girl all the way. go sauce! -jdavissquared