I predict I'm going to be providing a lot of shoes to shoeless children.

C'mon, TOMS! You've got to be kidding me! I can't keep up! I logged into my Formspring today, and someone asked:

"what are your favorite pair of toms right now on their site?!"

I was going to say the red striped calypso wedges because I own them and they are wonderful, but I decided to take a quick browse through the site. Lo and behold, TOMS just outdid themselves. Behold the new canvas wedges:
newTOMSUnlike the other ones with the summery espadrille bottoms, these canvas covered wedges will be perfect for the fall! I am swooning over the cranberry ones but I'm also quite taken by the midnight ones. I can just imaging them with a pair of ankle socks and a flouncy skirt. Aren't they fantastic?

By the way, that $5 off SUMMER5 promo code only works for one more day. I hate to pressure you to do on the whim purchases, but you've got to get a move on if you want to take a few bucks off!

For every pair of TOMS purchased, a needy child without shoes is provided with a pair of (regular, non-wedge) TOMS. Their one for one campaign is what made me love this company in the first place. Their new styles are keeping me hooked!

[note: TOMS is an affiliate partner of Adored Austin because I love them!]