Review: Orient Watch USA pink faced watch

Back when most everyone wore watches (and didn't depend on a cell phones for the time) I used to go without a watch and brag, "I'm not time oriented, I'm people oriented." LIES! My friends would purposely tell me things started 30 minutes earlier than they actually did in hopes that I'd be on time! One thing that I really hate about myself and I've been trying to change for years is the fact that I'm always running five to 15 minutes late. I lamented this fact back in June, so the sweet folks at Orient Watch USA sent me a darling little timepiece to help me combat this problem.

Like most of you, I don't usually wear a watch, but for a while I've been thinking that I should change that. Yes, I have the time on my cell phone, but my phone is usually tucked away in my purse when I'm out and about or it's in a different room changing when I'm at home. So far I've really enjoyed wearing a watch so that I can just glance down and grab the time. To insure a perfect fit, I did have to have three links removed (I just went to the mall and Fast Fix did it for $16.00).

[Music sampled: "All This Time" by the Heartless Bastards]

Orient Watch USA is known for their men's watches like the CFD0E001B and the CET0B001W but they carry stylish women's watches, too. In fact, you can even enter to win the same one I have by visiting this giveaway post and filling out the embedded form!

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