The trouble with skirts

I don't think we can call it a baby bump any longer. This thing has grown to giant proportions and deserves a name like baby mountain or Mt. Baby or something of that ilk. In fact if it's a boy, I really should consider naming it Everest Adams. In any regard, this has caused quite a wardrobe conundrum. Do my skirts go above or below the outgrowth?abovebelowPutting my skirt above Mt.Baby makes me feel like Urkle, but putting it below makes me feel like one of these gentlemen. Thoughts?

I have a dentist appointment today, and I'm quite apprehensive. I think I've mentioned this here before, but my greatest fear is the dentist office. In fact, pre-pregnancy I had to take a little pill to calm my nerves before my dentist appointment. Even if it's just a little 'ole cleaning, my hygienist gives me a soft blanket to wrap up in, a pillow to hold, and puts the ocean on the tv. I crank the iPod and count to 100 over and over again to keep my mind off the freaky noises and vibrations reverberating off my brain. I am not looking forward to this appointment, so like last time, I'm wearing something whimsical to boost my sour mood.smashionskirt1
bowdate: 11 August 2010
occasion: dentist office
skirt: vintage via Smashion
tank: courtesy of Love 21 Maternity
wedges: TOMS
bow: I made it this morning!

This is the skirt I blogged and bought on, and it makes me so happy! When getting dressed this morning I thought, "This outfit needs something..." I had some leftover fabric from the cloth napkins I made a few weeks ago, so I crafted up this little bow to add a touch of whimsy. For me, whimsy is a requirement to offset an afternoon touture session at the dentist office!

[Smashion is an Adored Austin partner.]