Austin Fashion Week kick-off... plus "I Think We're Alone Now"

I don't think I've ever done a Sunday post before (hey, a girl's got to have at least one day off, right?), but since last night's launch of Austin Fashion Week was so much fun and there's still many more events, I thought I'd go ahead and get some of last night's posts up.

First thing first: what did this extremely pregnant lady wear? After months of wondering how I would dress my Santa Claus- like body for so many events, I was incredibly thankful and excited that Parsimony, who is up for an Austin Fashion Week Award, offered to dress me for the kick-off event and even loaned me another dress for today's afternoon AMOA after party at Marq. This is the dress I chose for last night:

This cotton dress kept me as cool and comfortable as possible. I didn't bother with curling my hair since the humidity would have made it fall flat in six seconds.
A DIY necklace, and
a new animal, of course!

date: 14 August 2010
occasion: Austin Fashion Week kick-off party
dress: on loan from Parsimony (if you could vote for them as a special thank you for dressing me, that would be phenomenal-- no registration necessary!)
necklace: chain from Buffalo Exchange, ribbon DIY
clutch: vintage via Texas Thrift
owl ring: Buffalo Exchange, new merch
wedges: Cynthia Vincent for Target

It was sweltering outside (what else is new? This is Texas!), but if memory serves me correctly, it was a lot cooler than last year. I had a great seat, and I feel incredibly blessed that the local fashion community has accepted me into their fold and that they always give me an excellent front row runway seat:

note: If I look strange here, blame it on the heat and the colored contact lenses!
My seat was so fantastic that I was literally five feet from 80's pop icon Tiffany who performed the heck out the kick-off party. She didn't let me down, and the crowd was super enthusiastic about her closing song:

I was so impressed that Tiffany sang without ear monitors and without a backing track. She has quite a set of pipes on her! Hubs pointed out that Tiffany got famous at a time when talent was a requirement, and let me tell y'all: she's still got it!