Winner: Orient Watch USA

[music sampled: "Time" by Lindsey Mae]

I wish everyone could have won! No fear, though; there's a giveaway lined up every week for the rest of the summer, and I have high hopes that if you haven't won, yet, you'll win something soon! Thank you to all 179 of you who entered! Sorry for the boring/ lame video. I just got home from tonight's Austin Fashion Week festivities and the rest of my week is packed. This means I am (joyfully) pressed for time and couldn't think of a typically silly video to crank out tonight. Thanks for your lenience with me on that! If you haven't already, you really should look through my Vimeo and see how absurd most of the other 42 videos are. This one and this one are a little more than a year old, but they are still my favorites.